Monday, July 29, 2013

Rise and Shine

Lamb crossing!

11 years old and working at 7 am!

What?!?!?? They weren't open at 7 am...but we'll be back! 

The other day we had to get up and give a friend at ride at 5:30 am. So we took along our camera- since there is always plenty to see here and very few people out so early!

As we drove along the roads we were not disappointed- sheep, goats, beautiful scenery.....and Belgium chocolate! What?! That one was unexpected. Don't worry- we marked the spot on our GPS and we will be back!

We are never up this early during Ramadan. We have taken on the schedule of many around us- staying up very late at night and sleeping in. It's just what you do here. So we appreciated this early morning- to get out in the quiet and see the country. To admire those tending sheep and goats- their discipline and hard work in the morning hours. To see the beautiful creation God has made. We loved it.

And then went home and took a nap :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tabouleh, Hummus, and Such

Bri ordered ginger ale...lucky him- he got ginger tea instead!

Well, we have arrived in Jordan. Home, sweet home. And we are SO happy to be here. Really. We love this place. And this food. ;) Since arriving I am consistently craving hummus and tabouleh. I can't get enough. So when date night rolled around what do you think we went searching for? (Thank goodness it's not hard to find) In Amman they have some amazing rooftop cafes that will bring hummus and tabouleh to your heart's content. We love you, Amman.

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